Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. VBank is a reliable bank we have chosen to work with and all your rewards will be paid into your VBank account. You can download the app from the App store or Playstore to open an account.

Yes. You can upgrade to the 5000 Naira plan at anytime. You get more benefits with the 5000 Naira plan.

You have unlimited access to a medical doctor for free tele-consultation. 

You can pick up your medications from the nearest pharmacy to your location in our network or by delivery, where you pay a minimal delivery fee.

You only need 4 people to be registered under you. But if you have more people, you can help your downlines fill their slots for 4 as well.

No. The registration only covers you. But you can register your family members as well.

Incentive payouts occur on the 10th of every month. Once you are due to receive a payout, you can be guaranteed of getting it on the 10th day of the month.

We have a presence all over Nigeria, so you can get your medicines from anywhere you are in the country

The 2000 Naira plan covers over 50 disease conditions while the 5000 Naira plan covers over 100 disease conditions. These are common medical conditions that can affect anyone. Please refer to our website to find the list of medical conditions.

You will be upgraded to myAdvantage plus, which is a different program with greater benefits and better earning opportunities.