Our story is simple

aha! Trybe are like minded people that help everyday people set aside their resources so as to take care of their health and build wealth. The everyday person on the street belongs to the informal sector who are largely undeserved when it comes to access to health cover and
this can be acceded to the fact that some health covers are beyond their financial capabilities. The story is changing now as myAdvantage has come with this simple solution that will help you secure your health with an option to achieve wealth.

Community Benefits

With subscribtion to the package of your choice monthly, quarterly or yearly, you secure access to the following as a member of the Trybe

Unlimited access to a medical provider

Unlimited discount coupons to reduce your expenses thereby saving you cost

Access to free prescribed medications on over 50 illness which can be picked up at a pharmacy close to you or delivered

Access to wealth creation opportunities

Access to capacity development trainings

Health Benefits

This fact is quite shocking: A typical Nigerian is a sickness away from poverty! One medical condition creeping into any Nigerian household can ravage and ruin the family if they are not prepared. myAdvantage provide free unlimited access to a medical provider (worth over N50,000 in consultation fees) and free prescribed medication based on the diagnosis of the medical provider. In the event that a laboratory evaluation is needed, you get 10% on the value of test carried out from our partners who offer laboratory services anywhere you are.

Wealth Benefits

You know what they say about networth? Your network is your networth. As aha! Trybe member on the pro package, you can earn high as N5,000,000 (Five million naira when you build a network within the Trybe. By leveraging on the power of four, you can introduce four persons that would subscribe monthly and also duplicate your efforts to grow the system. As your network expands so does your reward which comes as cash and uncapped access to free medications, life insurance and gifts in appreciation of your hard work.

Ready to be a part of
our community?