Member Spotlight – Rita Afolabi

Our member spotlight this week features Ms. Rita Afolabi. Ms. Rita is an exceptional performance improvement consultant and she is also the first starter in the aha Trybe. Learn more about her as you enjoy this conversation we had with her.

aha Trybe: How long have you been a member of the Trybe?

Rita: I’ve been a member of aha Trybe from inception in February 2022.

aha Trybe: Why did you join the trybe?

Rita: I joined because I saw a vision that I believed in. I saw the need for people to have access to high quality medical care, essentially, through a community. Such that they don’t have to be so rich in order to access quality medical care.  It’s a vision that I believed in.  That’s why I joined.

aha Trybe: How would you describe your experience in the trybe so far?

Rita: My experience so far in the trybe has been good. I have seen focus in building the community and putting structure in place,  as well as initiatives to ensure that the community grows and the vision of the community is accomplished. And I see a lot of effort being put in it. So the experience so far has been very good. Though there is room for improvement, which is normal for any initiative we are working on. But so far, I am very much satisfied and I want to continue being in the aha Trybe.

aha Trybe: Tell us your favorite part of being in the Trybe and what makes it your favorite: Health, Wealth, or Community?

Rita: The good part of it is the advantages that it provides. I have not seen anything like this anywhere around. I have participated in several multi-level marketing initiatives in the past, as far back as 15 years ago. This is the first one that provides tangible benefits to the members in a way that is not so difficult. Anyone can easily join the community and partake of its benefits.

aha Trybe: What is your current occupation?

Rita: I am a performance improvement consultant. Essentially, I run a consulting firm involved in trainings, in consulting services and management systems. ISO management systems specifically, and other best practices and frameworks that essentially help organisations to improve their performance.

aha Trybe: What do you love most about your job?

Rita: What I love most about my enjoy is being able to help organisations attain higher levels of process optimization, such that they can see measurable successes in their business. They can see the impact of improvement in their day to day work and business activities by virtue of adopting best practices and proven standards. I see that and it makes me very very happy, that I can work with my clients to attain levels of certification in various standards.

aha Trybe: What does success mean to you?

Rita: Success to me is being able to work with others. Being able to provide services, essentially, not just for myself, but seeing that whatever I am doing is impacting lives and impacting businesses.  Success is being a critical part of other people’s achievements.

aha Trybe: Tell us a particular quote or principle you live by and why does this principle mean so much to you?

Rita: There are several that have had an impact on me. But there is one particularly that is a habit really and it is “BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO IT!” This is a habit that I have practiced over the years and it has really really helped me. It is something that I do consciously and unconsciously. I recently read a book by Valerie Burton. It’s called Successful Women Think Differently. It talks about 9 habits that can make you happier, healthier, and more resilient. And the first one of these habits is ‘Believe that you can do it’. So when I discovered that this is actually something that has been researched and written about, it made me to hold on to it even more. Whenever you believe that you can do something, it drives you and motivates you.  You would see yourself demonstrating all the capacity and capabilities that you have inside of you and you would be doing the things that you ordinarily thought you could not do.

aha Trybe: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Rita: Various ways. I keep myself motivated by doing. Doing things that give me pleasure and give people around me pleasure. Particularly, I love helping people when I see a problem. I would say problem solving keeps me motivated. When I see a problem, I would want to find a way out of it. Be it a personal problem, business problem, relationships, anything at all. I am happy when I am able to solve problems. It keeps me motivated. Once I solve one problem, I see myself being able to solve any other problem that comes my way.

aha Trybe: What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

Rita: During my leisure time,  I watch movies, I read, I listen to music, and I cook.

aha Trybe: What advice would you like to share with members of the community?

Rita: Keep at it. Don’t give up. It is not like those other initiatives that are overtime not sustainable. This one is sustainable so let’s just keep at it. Let’s not be discouraged and let us keep working to make sure that the community grows and we’re able to achieve our vision.

aha Trybe: What would you do with 5 million Naira?

Rita: I would invest it in a specific project that I can look back on and say this is what I used that 5 million that I got from aha Trybe to do. I will ensure that I tie it down to a specific investment.

aha Trybe: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Rita: Let’s just keep looking out for new ways to grow the community. Innovative ways to grow the community. We must task ourselves to think out of the box and think differently to discover new things that we can do to make the community grow. Thank you.

aha Trybe: Thank you, Ms. Rita. It’s been a wonderful pleasure having this conversation with you.

Would you like to join our community? Call/WhatsApp Mobolaji: 08033856032 or Great: 08106537506. Joining the community gives you a health cover with unlimited access to medical professionals for teleconsultation and free medications on over 50 common illnesses.


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