Member Spotlight – Loise Marvelous

Our member spotlight this week features Ms. Loise Marvelous. Loise is a creative and stylish shoe maker who makes beautiful shoes for both males and females and for all ages/sizes. Two things that are of central importance to Loise are her faith and her family. Enjoy this conversation we had with her. 😉

aha! Trybe: How long have you been a member of aha! Trybe?

Loise: I’ve been a member for about 5 to 6 months.

aha! Trybe: Why did you join the Trybe?

Loise: I wanted something I could relate with and have easy access to. When Mrs. Abimbola told me about it, I decided to jump on it right away.

aha! Trybe: How would you describe your experience with us so far?

Loise: Fantastic. I love the responsiveness. I love the community group. I love the engagement. It is informative, educative and very fun. Overall, it is great.

aha! Trybe: What do you like most about the trybe?

Loise: I love the fact that it is informative and you guys educate us. I also love the fact that everybody is open and respectful towards one another.

aha! Trybe: What did you want to become when you were a child?

Loise: A doctor.

aha! Trybe: What is your current occupation?

Loise: I am a shoe maker.

aha! Trybe: What do you love most about your job?

Loise: I love the fact that I get to satisfy people. I get to style them. I get to be creative.

aha! Trybe: What does success mean to you?

Loise: Success to me is having my family and having to carter for other people as much as I can. Being able to solve people’s problems…

aha! Trybe: Tell us a particular quote or principle you live by?

Loise: It is well. 😁😁 That’s what I say almost every time.

aha! Trybe: Why does this principle mean so much to you?

Loise: Well, because I have been through many different stages of my life. Both difficult and not so difficult. And thankfully, it always ends up being well. You know sometimes you have to go through stuff and it feels like the whole world is crashing down and you’re wondering if you’ll ever come out of this. But eventually, you do – because we have God.

aha! Trybe: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Loise: I listen to music, I listen to the word of God, I read my bible. I am confident in my identity in Christ and that is my strongest motivation. I know the promises in the work Christ did and I just live in it. I enjoy it.

aha! Trybe: What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

Loise: I love to be with my family, I love to see movies and I love to educate people if I can. I also enjoy singing and dancing. Stuff like that…

aha! Trybe: What advice would you like to share with members of the community?

Loise: Be good, be kind, be yourself. Know God for yourself (i.e. have a personal relationship with God). It will do you a lot of good.

aha! Trybe: Do you have a business you would like us to patronise?

Loise: Yes! My shoe business. I know I have a lot of potential clients here so I’m looking forward to your patronage. You can connect with me on Instagram @feet_by_skillz or click

aha! Trybe: What would you do with 5 million Naira?

Loise: 😁😁Firstly, I would get a land. Then secondly, I will establish my business and then I’ll see how I can help one or two persons as well – whether in ministry or elsewhere… Wherever the Holy Spirit leads me to.

aha! Trybe: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Loise: Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

Would you love to join our community? Call/WhatsApp Mobolaji: 08033856032 or Great: 08106537506. Joining the community gives you a health cover with unlimited access to medical professionals for teleconsultation and free medications on over 50 common illnesses.


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