Member Spotlight – Ifunanya Anyanwu

Our member spotlight this week features Dr. Ifunanya Anyanwu (aka Dr STM). Dr. STM is a medical doctor and more! Enjoy this conversation we had with her.

aha! Trybe: How long have you been a member of aha! Trybe?

Dr. STM: For about one month

aha! Trybe: Why did you join the Trybe?

Dr. STM: To have some shelter for apparent health surprises and to make my employees happy by getting their packages too.

aha! Trybe: How would you describe your experience with us so far?

Dr. STM: I would say it’s been nice. I have not had the need to use my health benefits; however, I have enjoyed the prompt communication flow when there’s a need.

aha! Trybe: What do you like most about the trybe?

Dr. STM: I love the interactions in the group; it’s not boring here. I also like the weekly headlines update.

aha! Trybe: What did you want to become when you were a child?

Dr. STM: A doctor and more 😅

aha! Trybe: What is your current occupation?

Dr. STM: Still a doctor and more (researcher, project manager and data analyst) 😅

aha! Trybe: What do you love most about your job?

Dr. STM: The flexibility I created for myself. I can be in the clinics today and the next day, I’m on stage speaking, and the next, I’m in the fields executing some projects or working from home and crunching some numbers.

aha! Trybe: What does success mean to you?

Dr. STM: Looking back anytime and saying: “I did it, I lived!”

aha! Trybe: Tell us a particular quote or principle you live by?

Dr. STM: Honesty of life + A1 (excellence)

aha! Trybe: Why does this principle mean so much to you?

Dr. STM: It’s my secondary school’s motto and it groomed me in many ways. First, in all of my dealings, I strive to be upright, and as much as I can. I breathe and live “diligence”. These have always been reflected in my academics, business and project outputs and I love them.

aha! Trybe: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Dr. STM: I remind myself that all the goodness in me were not given to me to be hidden or wasted, so I show up!

aha! Trybe: What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

Dr. STM: Singing; playing with children; or seeing an action or espionage movie.
I would have mentioned “reading”, but I do not really consider it as a leisure activity; for me, it’s serious business.

aha! Trybe: What advice would you like to share with members of the community?

Dr. STM:

  1. Live your possible best life.
  2. Express all your talents! They are your life-given flowers (but you don’t need to monetise or publicise all of them).

aha! Trybe: Do you have a business you would like us to patronize?

Dr. STM: Absolutely!

  1. At Novaros Care, we offer data analysis, research, and project management solutions for healthcare brands (organizations and individuals).
  2. Via my personal brand, you can:
    ● Support my personal project – Life Beyond School (a career mentoring program for young Nigerian women). You can support with publicity, network connection with valuable mentors, and/or support with finance for operational costs.
    ● Purchase my courses on research, data analysis, creating online courses, and using MS PowerPoint
    ● Everything that one needs to know about my online portfolio is on

aha! Trybe: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Dr. STM: Just keep up the good work you are doing!

aha! Trybe: Thank you so much.

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