Member Spotlight – Blessing Uyeh

Our member spotlight this week features Ms. Blessing Uyeh. Blessing is an excellent make-up artist and businesswoman who sells make-up and skincare products. If you need instructions and products for ravishing, glowing skin; Blessing is your go-to person. Enjoy this conversation we had with her. 😉

aha! Trybe: How long have you been a member of aha! Trybe?

Blessing: I’ve been a member of the aha! trybe for 4 months now.

aha! Trybe: Why did you join the Trybe?

Blessing: I joined the trybe because of the health insurance offer. The offer was juicy and attractive. Plus I like all the other benefits beyond the health cover. I like the idea of community.

aha! Trybe: How would you describe your experience with us so far?

Blessing: My experience has been great. I love your services. They are swift and prompt.

aha! Trybe: What do you like most about the trybe?

Blessing: I love that it is educative, interesting and fun. It’s not boring at all.

aha! Trybe: What did you want to become when you were a child?

Blessing: I wanted to become a lawyer.

aha! Trybe: What is your current occupation?

Blessing: I am a social media evaluator, a make-up artist and stockist.

aha! Trybe: What do you love most about your job?

Blessing: I love the flexibility it offers me.

aha! Trybe: Can you tell us 3 most important rules you live by?

Blessing: The three most important rules I live by are empathy, honesty, and punctuality. I like keeping to time and I hate my time being wasted too. I love honesty and I like when people are empathetic towards others.

aha! Trybe: Does success, for you, depend on having a university degree?

Blessing: To some extent, it does. Not completely, but to some extent. Having a degree from a university can contribute to your success.

aha! Trybe: What is your idea of good music?

Blessing: Good lyrics and nice beats always work for me.

aha! Trybe: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

Blessing: I had a swing on a pirate ship in an amusement park. Hmmm, it was not funny at all. But it was nice and adventurous. I enjoyed the experience, even though I was screaming the whole time I was on the pirate ship.

aha! Trybe: Do you feel like there are double standards when it comes to rules for men and women?

Blessing: Yes! Definitely, yes. I may not be able to go into the details, but yes, there are double standards.

aha! Trybe: What advice would you like to share with members of the community?

Blessing: I encourage everyone to keep doing good.

aha! Trybe: Do you have a business you would like us to patronize?

Blessing: Yes. I am a make-up artist based in Abuja and I also sell make-up products. Please patronize my make-up artistry and buy make-up products from me. Follow me on Instagram @blezzedmakeover or via

aha! Trybe: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Blessing: Well done to you guys! You guys are doing a great job. Thank you.

Would you love to join our community? Call/WhatsApp Mobolaji: 08033856032 or Great: 08106537506. Joining the community gives you a health cover with unlimited access to medical professionals for teleconsultation and free medications on over 50 common illnesses.


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